Porter Lodge No. 137, as an organization rooted in the principles of Freemasonry, encourages its members to be actively involved in the communities. Community involvement is an important aspect of Masonic philosophy, as it aligns with the core values of charity, benevolence, and the pursuit of knowledge. Here are some common ways in which a Porter Lodge may engage in community involvement:

1. Charitable Activities: We frequently engage in charitable endeavors to support various causes. This can include fundraising events, donations to local charities, and volunteering for community service projects. The Lodge often organize initiatives to address issues such as poverty, education, healthcare, and disaster relief.

2. Scholarships and Educational Programs: Our Masonic organizations may offer scholarships and educational programs to support local students. These initiatives can include financial assistance for college or vocational education, mentoring programs, and recognition of academic achievements.

3. Public Events: Masonic lodges may organize or participate in public events aimed at promoting community cohesion. This can involve hosting open houses, public lectures, or cultural events that are accessible to the wider community. Such activities provide opportunities for dialogue, education, and fostering understanding among people from diverse backgrounds.

4. Masonic Youth Organizations: Masonic lodges often sponsor youth organizations such as the Order of DeMolay for boys or the International Order of the Rainbow for Girls. These organizations focus on character development, leadership training, and community service. Masonic lodges support and mentor these youth groups, encouraging their members to engage in community-oriented activities.

5. Blood Drives and Health Initiatives: Wes organize blood drives in collaboration with local blood banks or healthcare organizations. Additionally, we support health initiatives by organizing health fairs, providing free medical screenings, or promoting awareness campaigns on topics like mental health, disease prevention, or healthy living.

6. Historical Preservation: Given the historical significance of Freemasonry, some lodges actively participate in historical preservation efforts. This can involve restoration projects for Masonic buildings, cemeteries, or monuments, as well as educational programs that explore the historical impact of Freemasonry on society. Our Lodge does the same.

7. Moral and Ethical Education: Masonic lodges often promote moral and ethical education among their members and the wider community. This can be done through seminars, workshops, or public lectures on topics like ethics, personal development, and responsible citizenship.

It's important to note that the specific community involvement activities of a Masonic lodge may vary depending on the lodge's location, size, resources, and the interests of its members. Each lodge has the flexibility to determine how it can best serve its community while upholding the principles of Freemasonry.


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